Completely synergize resource taxing relationships via premier niche markets cargo and logistics.
Rent a van
0.5-2 kg
Postal Delivery
2-5 kg
Air cargo

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Pricing is tailored to each company ion and individual basis
Regular freight
PER 100 KM
  • Single covered truck
  • Two men for transport
  • Minimum 10 miles
  • Maximum 100 miles
  • Not inlcuded insurance
  • Additional trucks available
Cooling freight
PER 100 KM
  • Single cooled truck
  • Four men for transport
  • Minimum 10 miles
  • Maximum 200 miles
  • Insurance
  • Additional trucks and personnel available
Express freight
PER 100 KM
  • Single or double covered truck
  • Five men for transport
  • Minimum 10 miles
  • Maximum 300 miles
  • Insurance
  • Additional trucks and personnel available

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